Trikvetra Ornament


Trikvetra (triquetra figura) is a graphic figure that consists of three contiguous parts of similar design. The word trikvetra is derived from the Latin tri- (“tree”) and quetrus (“corner”).

In its simplest form, a trikvetra is shaped like a triangle. The distinctive feature is that the trikveta figure is divided into three parts, oval, pointed or square. The three parts can be intertwined, partially overlapping or just have a common point where the ends meet. Trikvetra can be combined with more complicated geometric shapes and line shapes. Often the trikvetra is surrounded by a circle. Trikvetra from pre- and early Christian times is often intertwined as part of ribbon figures, i.a. on a sledge from Oseberg and on Jellingsteinen. Objects with the trikvetra ornament have been found in all parts of the so-called “Viking world”, from England in the west to Russia in the east. The trikvetra as a Norse symbol is closely linked to “Valknuten” and “Odins (tre) horn”, but Christians have also used the symbol and it then stands for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

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